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DKBeautyBiz is your one stop website to shop Avon online with Denise and make your world more beautiful. This website provides everything you need for your shopping experience. Shop for Avon products, get valuable beauty tips, visit the sales opportunity to sell Avon, and receive free training for new representatives.

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Follow my Avon Blog where you will find lots of information on everything Avon! Articles will include new product information and customer reviews, beauty tips, videos from celebrity makeup artists, free skin care consultation and steps to become your own beauty boss! As a result of joining my team you will have someone available to help you get started and become successful. I hope you find this website informative and your shopping experience easy. I appreciate customer opinions. It drives me to work harder to improve my business. Please share your comments with me.

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Why Buy Avon from Denise??

There are about 6 million+ Avon Representatives that would love to have your business.  So why should you buy Avon from me?  

1.  Customer Service Experience.

Everyone talks about providing good customer service. But have they a proven track record? I have been in customer service jobs for over 45 years. From my early years having a paper route at age 13 (saved enough to buy my first car!), to clothing and food retail industries, to my current healthcare job. All customer service related. And I am good at what I do because I love what I do. I find it easy to relate and talk to people, and more importantly LISTEN to them.  Recognize what they want and what they need. That’s what customer service is all about. That’s what I bring to my Avon business!

2.  Skin Care Savvy

The focus of my Avon business is skin care.  As a 60-year-old, this area is near and dear to me!  I wanted to become knowledgeable in this area, to give my customers the best advice on their skin care routines, especially those in my age group and have taken continuing education courses in skin care so I can do just that.  I have also provided on this website a FREE service, Skin Care Advisor (Blog), for customers to find their skin types and make an informed decision on their skin care needs.

3.  FREE Avon product offers (Direct Delivery customers only)

I offer many opportunities for my customers to earn FREE Avon products. Host a Facebook Party and earn % off personal sales or free products. Share a brochure at your place of employment and earn % off personal sales or free products. Have a fundraiser and I offer 40% earnings back to the organization.  

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“Individually we are Avon Representatives. Together we are a Sisterhood”  (Denise Krupa)