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Avon Christmas Vendor Event-Community Events

Avon Christmas Vendor Events

I have written blogs before about doing Avon vendor events, but the holidays are an especially wonderful time to showcase your Avon business in your community.  I am preparing for a Christmas Vendor Event this weekend and would like to share some tips for having a successful event.

The upcoming Christmas vendor event will be held at a local high school in my area. There will be many vendors and crafters all hoping for big holiday sales. How do I set myself apart?  First, I plan my display to draw attention to my table. Next, I select products and gifts, display stands and some Christmas decorations to make the table look festive. I always take a black tablecloth with a pink Avon runner, and the decorations blend well to make a nice display. Lastly, I enjoy myself! I love what I do and also love to share my business.

Share your Christmas Vendor Event

The best way to let family, friends, neighbors, and customers know about your event is to share it! I like to make a flyer and post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and my personal website Here is what I posted for this upcoming event.

Christmas Event

Finding Vendor Events

For Representatives interested in doing vendor events, here’s what you need to do. Research your community newspapers or online to find events. Put some thought into what items to display at your table and make your presentation eye catching.  I like to use small shelves or covered boxes to give my display some height, and decorate for the season with colorful garland, leaves, pumpkins, springtime flowers, or snowmen. Whatever you have for that season, make it work for you without having to spend extra money. It always looks great!

I love to make special gift items or baskets. It makes it easy for your customers to select the perfect gift, with no fuss. For this event, I made a stocking stuffer gift set including a pair of gloves, a hand cream and a lip balm, tied with a decorative ribbon.  Get creative and think of something you think your customers will like.

I also found some Christmas glasses and coffee mugs at the dollar store and filled them with items as cash and carry gifts. It’s fun to get creative and even better when customers appreciate your efforts.


I love doing these community events! It so rewarding to put a nice display together and have lots of visitors to your table.  I use a prize wheel for people to win free items just for stopping by or providing contact  information.

Feel free to use some of my ideas for your own displays.

If you don’t sell Avon and would like to hear more about the opportunity, contact me! Ready to join my team? Click here.


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