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Avon Fundraiser-Tips for Successful Fundraisers-Avon Rep Tips

Steps to a Successful Avon Fundraiser

In 2017, Avon introduces Rory the Lion as the fall fundraiser. Rory is the king of cuddles, bringing joy to everyone he meets. Perfect for all ages. Ultrasoft polyester plush, 13″ H. Customers can choose to donate the money you raised or Rory the Lion or both to the organization of your choice. My company supports Toys for Tots, which is a perfect organization that benefits from this type of fundraiser.

Avon FundraiserAvon fundraisers are a great way for representatives to help local organizations raise funds for special projects.  Here are the steps to conduct successful fundraisers.

1) Determine a contact person

Schedule a meeting with your contact person to discuss which fundraiser they will conduct and the percentage offered back on the total sales.

2) Contract

Next, a contract is signed between the parties,  found on The contract will include start and end dates, delivery date and payment schedule.

3) Tax Exempt Organizations

Organizations that are tax exempt are not required to collect sales tax on fundraiser items.  Please see for more details on the tax exempt guidelines.

4)  Register the Fundraiser

Register your fundraiser on The registration form identified the fundraiser properly and given priority shipping. Representatives are guaranteed 50% earnings on registered fundraisers and offer the organization any or all the percentage depending on expenses. My business practice is to offer 40% on fundraisers, to off-set the expenses for bags, brochures and thank-you notes.

5)  Collect the Order Forms

Set up a meeting with the coordinator to collect the order forms and payments, checking them for accuracy.

6)  Place the order

Fundraisers are ordered with product order number 045-642 and given top priority as a fundraiser.

7)  Package and Deliver

Representative receives the order, packages the order like a regular order, including a brochure and thank-you note.  Deliver packaged orders to organization for distribution to customers.

8)  Pay earnings to organization

Representatives can pay out the funds raised in two ways:

1) collect a check for the total orders and present a check back to the organization for their earnings or 2) collect a check minus the percentage you have offered.

For representatives, all of this information is also found in your web office on under the tab Earnings Opportunity -> Fundraising, including all the forms and flyers.

Interested in doing a Fundraiser?

Rory the Lion is waiting to please a special recipient!  I offer 40% of the fundraiser back to your company for donation. Does your organization need to raise funds?

Here’s how it works:

We set up a time to complete the paperwork. I provide you with 2-sided flyers to share with people in your organization. They collect orders for Rory Lions and payments. I order as many Rory Lions as you need and deliver to your company. From there, your company decides to donate Rory, a monetary donation or both to a local organization. It’s as easy as that!

Avon Fundraiser

Contact me for more information or for other available fundraisers.

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