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Avon Makeup-Project Runway Sponsor-Shop Avon Makeup

Avon Makeup- Proud sponsor of Project Runway

Avon is the proud new sponsor of the Project Runway Season 16. I watched the premier last night to get a glimpse of the show and how Avon was playing a part. For those of you that have never seen the show, (I was one of you), it’s about aspiring fashion designers competing for a chance to earn prizes as well as a chance to become noticed in the industry. Last nights show was about the designers coming up with a fabulous runway design with models they had just met. It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. While you want everyone to do well, you know someone will go home.

The contestants were able to select wonderful fabrics for their designs and the models were amazing, all sizes, shapes and builds. That to me was the beauty of this show. You don’t have to be a size 1 to be beautiful!

Then came the really exciting part. The models were sent to the Avon beauty lab! The designers expressed the look they wanted for their models and Avon makeup artists went to work! The models were beautiful.

Each week Avon will showcase the looks for that week on Project Runway and I will share them here on my blog. This week with the Sunset Eyes. GORGEOUS!

Avon Makeup Project Runway Look-Sunset Eyes

Avon Makeup Project Runway

Here’s how to get the Avon Makeup Project Runway look.

Avon Makeup Project Runway


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