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Avon Weekend Workout with Denise-Skin Care Saturday

Avon Skin Care Saturday!

Create New Habits for Youthful Looking Skin

As we age, our skin loses collagen, elastin and facial fat. Unfortunately it shows on our faces first. While we can’t stop this process, we can do a few things to slow it up. Here are some helpful tips.

1.  Create a nightly skin care habit. 

Before your head hits the pillow, make sure you remove all your makeup. Going to bed with all your makeup, and the days worth of dirt and oil, results in clogged pores and possibly acne.  Here’s a good daily routine to follow and my Avon suggestions.

2.  Use Sunscreen

Stock up and use at least SPF15. Most moisturizers and foundations have sunscreen already in them. If you don’t use these products, make sure you use another form of sunscreen lotion or cream any time you are exposed to the sun.

3.  Wear your Shades

Wear sunglasses everyday, even in the winter, with 100% UV protection. Without sunglasses, we squint. Over time, squinting causes wrinkles and the excess sun exposure breaks down the skin even more. I admit I don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I throw them around the car, sit on them or lose them. Even the less expensive ones have 100% UV protection, so stock up and leave an extra pair in the car or your purse.

Don’t be too hard on yourself about creating new habits. It takes time. But you have taken the first step by gaining this information. Take care of your skin. Start now. You will be happy you did.

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