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Avon Weekend Workout with Denise-Skin So Soft Sunday

Avon Skin So Soft Sunday!

Skin So Soft is one of Avon’s iconic brands that has been around for 50 years! The brand favorite includes bath oils, lotions, shower gels and body washes, hand creams, body butters, and shave gel or oil.

BENEFITS of SSS  Original Bath Oil 

  • Luxury bath oil leaves skin feeling amazingly soft
  • Smoothes dry skin without irritation
  • Fresh scent awakens and soothes your mind and body
  • Contains jojoba oil
  • Fresh herbal scent

TO USE SSS  Add a small amount of oil to full bath and allow to disperse or apply to arms and legs, or where ever needed after bathing


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This product is Made in USA

This summer, Skin So Soft introduces their first ever shave oil, enriched with shea butter extract, vitamins A and E for a very smooth shave. Cherry blossom scent.

Simply massage a few drops onto wet skin, shave and rinse for the smoothest shave ever!


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