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Community Events-Sell Avon Beauty-Business Builder

Community Events for Business

Community events are a perfect place to showcase your Avon business and help your community get to know you. Attending a local event is a great way to build your customer base by getting to know people in your community and letting them know who you are and what you do. I have been attending a local flea market in my area and having a great time networking and selling Avon.

I have really enjoyed building my display. Selecting the most appropriate items to sell is the key and order inventory that will attract customers to your tent.

As you can see, I select Skin So Soft products including the Bug Guard line and offer a free spray bottle with each purchase of SSS oil. I use clear plastic graduated shelves to add height and depth to my displays with clear stands for price tags. It takes the guess-work out of customers asking “how much is this”. Customers appreciate it.

Community events

This is another view of the shelving I use to add height and depth, this one is curved and three layers high. Inexpensive and easy to pack and store after the event.

Community Events-Prize Wheel

This is the new addition to my display. A Prize Wheel! How fun! I purchased one that was specific for my Avon business. The outer circles where empty and suitable for dry-erase markers. I wanted it to look more professional. I had some round labels and designed my own prize markers using templates. They came out really nice! I selected a template with gray and pink checkerboard and edited the text to the prizes I was offering, free bubble bath sample (which I made up from Avon lavender garden BB), skin care samples, hand creams and 10% off a purchase. Customers that sign up for my email list or purchased something from my table could spin the wheel. It really attracted attention to my tent!

Community events prize wheel

I love doing these community events! It so rewarding to put a nice display together and have lots of visitors to your tent. Feel free to use some of my ideas for your own displays.

If you don’t sell Avon and would like to hear more about the opportunity, contact me! Ready to join my team? Click here.


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