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Curb Hunger-Hunger Block-Espira By Avon

Curb Your Hunger Naturally

Anyone struggling with a diet plan knows how hard it is to change their eating habits. We have good intentions and motivation to lose weight and get healthier. But it’s hard! And the hardest part is learning how to curb hunger.  Espira By Avon has the solution with Hunger Block.

Overeating leads to a sluggish metabolism. When we are trying to lose weight, we eat less or switch to low-calorie options, leaving you hungry. Controlling your hunger is the key to a healthy metabolism. Hunger Block contains ingredients that clinically demonstrate reducing hunger when taken before meals. You eat less without feeling hungry, resulting in a healthy metabolism.


How does it Work?

Hunger Block By Espira is formulated with fibers like glucomannan from the konjac root, which helps you feel full and curb your appetite. You eat less because you already feel full, resulting in a healthier metabolism.

Featured Ingredient that:

  • Helps you feel full longer to help avoid overeating
  • Boosts satiety to help you feel full sooner and longer
  • Helps to reduce food cravings for hours
  • Extends the time between meals
  • Helps you feel full so you eat less


Avon’s Promise

Experience results you can see and feel. Our formulas contain ingredients that have been clinically studied to bring you a complete program where you can see results that will change your life. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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