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FREE Marketing Tools-Avon Website-Join Avon Today

FREE Marketing Tools

Avon Website with FREE Marketing Tools for Representatives

Avon offers representatives FREE marketing tools to get their new business ventures online and visible on social media. The marketing tools are FREE to all representatives. You read that right, free to be creative with advertising and marketing online, therefore reaching more customers and potential team members.

The FREE marketing tools have two categories, grow and manage an Avon business. Lets take a look at each one to get a better picture of benefits, and how easy they are to use.

FREE Marketing Tools

Tools to Grow your Business

  1.  eStore-All representatives get their own eStore to have customers view featured products, get sales information, read a blog, sign up to sell Avon or receive emails. In addition, with eStore has a Live Chat option to communicate with customers in real time. The eStore tool is a one-stop shopping experience for customers.
  2. Social Media Center- The social media center has posts for sales promotions, recruiting and eStore to shared on social media sites with one click. In addition, the SMC has videos for recruiting and makeup tutorials.
  3. Automatic eMails- Sign up for automatic emails and customers never miss a sale or promotion.
  4. Key Campaign Dates- This tool is a helpful calendar of all the key dates including order due dates, ship dates, and campaign closing date.

FREE Marketing Tools

Tools to Manage your Business

Managing a business doesn’t have to be a chore. Avon provides tools to track useful information in one organized place. The web office has the following tools for managing a business as well as organize customer information.

  1. Address Book- Included in your eStore is an address book which is easy to update and manage all your contacts.
  2. Purchase History- Track of your customer favorites to help with follow-up calls. Use the purchase history tool to track skin care customers and recommend the Auto-Replenish Program.
  3. Follow up Tool- This tool keeps track of customers who have purchased from you in the past, to reconnect with them.
  4. Customer Invoicing Tool- This tool invoices your customer orders automatically from your order entry form.

FREE Marketing Tools

Besides growing and managing an Avon business, the marketing tools are easy to use and available to all Avon representatives. Check out what Avon has to offer and if you still have questions, visit my website for more information.


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