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Free Online Store-eStore Open for Business-Set up eStore

Free Online Store-eStore

Easy eStore Set Up

Once you sign up to sell Avon, you are ready to set up your eStore! And it’s FREE! This is where it got exciting for me. I was in control of my own business. So you have already signed in with your account number and password and you will see several tabs across the top of the screen. Click on Web Office, high-lighted pink. Your screen will look similar to this.
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If you are familiar with navigating around websites, this area is worth spending some time because it will be the heart of your business including customer invoicing, emails, social media, account information and ordering. But let’s concentrate on your eStore.
Click on the pink box in the web office that says Online Quick Set Up. This will take you step by step through to get your store up and running.  Edit your store to suit your style and your marketing goals. Click the tab “edit eStore” and you will see the standard widgets with a small pink box and pencil, in the upper right hand corner. Click the box and edit that widget however you like. There is also directions on how to enter your email addresses.
Click here to visit my eStore and see how I set up the storefront.
Overview of FREE online eStore Set Up
  1. Go to
  2. Log In
  3. Click Web Office
  4. Click Online Quick Set Up
  5. Follow Steps to Add Customers and eMail Program
  6. Edit eStore


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