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Free Website-Sell Avon Online-Create Free Welcome Video

Free Website-Sell Avon Online

How to set up a Welcome video on Free Avon website

Avon provides all new representative with a free website online that is exclusive to the representative, to sell Avon products to customers and receive credit on sales. There are step by step instructions on how to set up the online store and various widgets to customize the storefront. An important feature in setting up your storefront is the welcome video that provides your customers with an introduction to who you are and who they will be buying Avon products from. It is the personal touch that lets customers know you are a REAL person doing business online. Here’s my short and sweet video that is on my storefront.


How to set up a Welcome video for FREE website

On your smartphone or computer, record yourself presenting an introduction to your online store. I chose to keep mine short, because I tend to get tongue tied when trying to say too much or give too much information. So put on your best Avon makeup and choose a nice outfit from Avon fashion and talk to your customers! Let them know you are a real person, selling Avon online and providing them a reason to shop with you. Follow these steps.

  • Record your video
  • Sign up for a youtube account. It’s free.
  • upload your video to youtube
  • copy the URL by right clicking on the video, select copy
  • go to edit your eStore on
  • click on any widget and several boxes will appear
  • choose “embed video” NOT “video”
  • a box will appear under “add embedded video”
  • right click to paste your URL from youtube

That’s it! You should see your video and that’s also what your customers will see when they visit your online store.

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