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How to do Business Online-Sell Avon Online-Social Media

How to Sell Avon Online

Get a Mentor

The best way to begin a new business is to find a mentor. Someone you can rely on to ask questions and get answers. Avon representatives have up-line mentors to guide them when first starting their online business. Most representative can complete the online process and set up their eStores without a problem, but there are always questions. It’s important to have someone who is experienced to contact for advise. Follow my online presence to see how to sell Avon online.

I use social media to help other representatives with training and tips to help them start a business online. Follow my social media sites for FREE tips and training.

Training Articles for Business Online

The following blogs are training articles about how to set up an account with Avon, setting up an eStore, editing an eStore, and other general information about starting a new Avon business. I hope these articles help new representative feel more at ease with a new business venture and learn to have fun with it as the business grows.

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