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Makeup Brushes 101-Shop Makeup Brushes Online

Makeup Brushes 101

What’s the deal with makeup brushes? In a day and age of beauty and makeup, this is one thing that has always intrigued me. There is a brush for every part of your makeup routine. Makeup artists use brushes for blending, conturing, highlighting and adding product. Where do we start?

My personal opinion is to keep it simple. But that’s me. I will give you the Makeup Brush 101 overview and then tell you what I use daily. You decide what’s best for you.

Makeup Brushes Breakdown

These brushes are shown with their respective makeup product. As you can see, each brush has a job, blending, conturing, lining and adding color. Everyone uses different products to complete their own special look, therefore everyone uses brushes to compliment their products.

makeup brushesDenise’s Makeup Brushes


I choose a natural look when doing my daily makeup. Working in healthcare, I try to keep it simple. Yet as a 59-year-old, I need some blending and concealing help to even out my skin tone. Below you will find the brushes I use daily. I begin with a blending sponge to apply my foundation and use #3 below to blend outward, and #5 brush to apply concealer under the eyes, around the nose and areas of darkness to even my skin tone.  Next, I use the #2 brush to apply a soft hint of color to my cheeks. I set my foundation with a pressed powder using the #1 brush.

On the weekends, I get a little crazy and add eyeshadow to my eye makeup. Using brush #4 for eye lids and bottom of #6 for a light brush of color under the eyes, just in the corner. I use Glimmersticks along the lash line and blend with a liner blending brush, top of #6, so I don’t have a “hard line”. Finishing the eye with mascara is always the signature look. But that topic is for another article.

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I hope you found this article helpful with selecting the makeup brushes that compliment your makeup products. For more information visit


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