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Mascara-Find your Flutter-Shop Avon Mascara

Mascara-Find your Flutter

Shop Avon Mascara-Which look do you like?

Mascara can be a challenging item to shop. A tube of mascara is a tube of mascara right? Wrong! Ask yourself a few questions before selecting a mascara. What’s the look you are going for? Do you want volume, curl, length or healthier looking lashes?

Mascara Find your Flutter ChartMascara 101

It all starts with the brush. Various brushes give various results, thin, volume, winged, corner to corner, lengthened or curl.

Next is the product. So many to choose from and again it goes back to the look you want. Do you want your lashes to looked plumped, lengthened, volumized but not clumpy, or natural and healthy looking? It can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips to help keep lashes beautiful!

Tip 1 Beautiful lashes:

Apply a thin layer from the root to the tip of lashes. Let dry a few minutes and apply second coat, making sure to start from the root and go all the way to the tip of lashes. This prevents top heavy lashes that loose curl throughout the day due to the weight of the product.

Tip 2 Old product:

If your product is starting to get clumpy, don’t despair! Hold your hair dryer on the tube for 10 seconds and your product will be good to go. Saves product and money!

Visit the Find your Flutter chart  first to get the best combination of brush and product that suits you. Each Avon mascara is explained by brush type and product, to help find your fit. Below are quick links to each mascara and customer reviews.

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