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Sell Avon Anytime Anywhere

Sell Avon Anytime Anywhere!

Here’s a thought….make more money, work from home, set your own hours, and be your own boss. How is this possible? Sell Avon. It’s as simple as that.
This is what I love about selling Avon. Representatives have access to their own online store that is available to customers 24/7.  Once your customers know about your eStore, they can shop sales and stock up, visit the skin care advisor anytime to get advise on skin care, sign up to be a representative and benefit from having your own business, and stay up to date with current products and fashions.

And the best part of selling Avon for me…I can stay in touch with my customers anytime anywhere!

Why is that so exciting??? Well for me, I think it’s really cool to be able to continue working my business even while I’m at my full time job or on vacation. Let me give you an example. Last April, we went on a cruise. Before I left, I posted the current campaign details, posted some additional Blogs and updated my website to reflect all current Avon information. While I don’t sign up for the WiFi on the ship (too expensive) I was confident that my customers had everything they needed to complete their orders. And I must admit, I was very excited to get home and see what was going on in my eStore!!!
Bottom line is, selling Avon is fun and exciting. It gives me the opportunity to have my own business while continuing to work full time in Physical Therapy, and taking a few vacations while managing my Avon business online.
Join my team and let me help you enjoy the benefits of having your own business, working anytime and anywhere! What are your waiting for???
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