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Sell Avon-Getting Started-Join Avon Today

Sell Avon-Getting Started



Start your own success story and Sell Avon!

Sell Avon and find financial freedom as the CEO of your own company. You have made the decision to start your own business. That was step one and maybe the hardest.  It gets easy from here! The purpose of today’s blog is to help new Avon representatives set up an account with Avon and open an eStore for business. It sounds like a lot but trust me, it is only a few steps and I would like to walk you through it. Let’s get started!

Sell Avon-Set up your account

Once you have completed your contract and paid the $25 start up fee, Avon will send you a welcome email with all the information you need to begin your registration.
Go to Follow the link “Welcome New Representative” to set up an account.
Fill in the information required found on your welcome email including district number and account number.
Continue to follow the directions to complete the account set up. Once all the questions are answered, a “Congratulations!” message is received which redirects back to the log in page. Enter the new account number and password.

Sell Avon-Set up your eStore

Now you are ready to set up your eStore and sell Avon! This is where it got exciting for me. I was in control of my own business! So you have already signed in with your account number and password and you will see several tabs across the top of the screen. Click on Web Office.
If you are familiar with navigating around websites, this area is worth spending some time because it will be the heart of your business including customer invoicing, emails, social media, account information and ordering. But let’s concentrate on your eStore.
Click on the pink box in the web office that says Online Quick Set Up. This will take you step by step through to get your store up and running.  Edit your store to suit your style and your marketing goals. Click the tab “edit eStore” and you will see the standard widgets with a small pink box and pencil, in the upper right hand corner. Click the box and edit that widget however you like. There is also directions on how to enter your email addresses.

Sell Avon-Open for Business email!

Once your eStore is up and running, go to the email center, also located in the Web Office, and send out an email (templates available) to family and friends, letting them know your store is open for business.  Here’s my eStore (picture taken several campaigns ago) to get an idea of how I customize and update it each campaign.
Sell Avon-Getting Started
That’s all there is to setting up your eStore! You are open for business and can sell Avon 24/7.  If you are signing up today, please use reference code: denisekrupa and contact me with further questions.

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