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Sell Avon Online

How to set up your eStore for selling Avon online

Avon provides all new representative with a free eStore that is exclusive to the representative, to sell Avon products to customers and receive credit on sales. There are step by step instructions on how to set up the eStore and with various widgets to customize the storefront. Here is how my store is set up to sell Avon online.

Denise’s eStore Widgets


The Avon eStore has a main body which focuses on the current campaign. I change this section each campaign to display the current brochure cover with a list of features and sales from the campaign that I think will interest my customers. I will be posting a video soon on how to change the current brochure cover from campaign to campaign.

Welcome Video

This is a nice way to introduce yourself to customers and give your eStore a more personal touch. I kept mine short and sweet, but you can make your video however you like. I will do another blog about embedding your video onto your eStore.

Free Shipping

The next widget that always stays on my eStore is for FREE SHIPPING. Everyone likes free shipping and I think it is important to pass along these benefits of shopping with me. It usually turns into happy customers who return to my store.

Receive emails

This widget collects customer information in order to receive sales and promotions from me each campaign. I like the fact that is optional and customers that are really interested in receiving emails are the ones that will sign up.


The blog on the eStore is great for sharing current sales, featured items, beauty tips or services you want to provide customers. It’s a great way for customers to get to know you as you share your avon story and to encourage customers to sign up to be on your team. The Avon eStore blog is somewhat limited for posting pictures, unless you are familiar with HTML code. There are many videos available that explain how to post pictures. I have personally started a WordPress Blog to further market my Avon business and sell Avon online.

Avon Skin Advisorskin advisor-sell avon online

The Avon Skin Advisor is a great tool to share with customers when they are struggling to find the right skin care products. It is a simple 4 question quiz, with immediate results. I keep this widget on my eStore because the heart of my business is skin care. This is a great tool to offer customers, and it’s FREE.

This is Boss LifeBoss Life-Sell Avon Online

Lastly, this widget is also one that remains on my eStore for customers to easily sign up to be on my team. The widget links directly to the sign up page. Fill out the short form and become a business owner in seconds!

This is how I have my eStore set up. The beauty of having your own eStore is that it is customized to fit your marketing strategies and goals. The widgets are easy to change if you want to mix it up and share different products or services. Visit my eStore to see the current storefront.


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