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Sell Avon Beauty Products at Tent Events

Selling Avon online has been the focus of my business lately and I yet I was missing something. There is something to be said about meeting with customers, listening to their needs and helping them decide on products that can better their lives. I heard about a local community event this weekend and decided I wanted to get out there and market my beauty products myself. I signed up.

Tent events are a great way to showcase products and meet new customers. Today I participated in a tent event called Summerfest in Chatham, NY, only 20 min from where I live. Here I am after setting up my area.

Sell Beauty Products

What Beauty Products do I bring to the Event?

Planning is the key to a successful sales event. First you must know your audience. Find out what the community culture is, the local atmosphere, and others events that take place in the community. I decided my focused product would be Skin So Soft Bug Guard for this event and provided a chart that compared all the Bug Guard products. I brought enough inventory of each product to make a nice display, with a stand-up price marker at the end of each row. It looked pretty good!

Sell Beauty Products

The plastic price stands were purchased at Staples and can be reused at future event for different products. A good investment.

How to Sell Beauty Products at Events

Here is where your own personality comes through. I am not a pushy, hard selling person, I just love to talk to people and for me that works. I like to let the customer lead the conversation, adding to it with information about my products. This works for me and I would advise you to find what works for you and go with it!

For the Summerfest event, I wore my pink Avon Beauty Boss shirt which actually drew some questions from visitors to my booth.  It was a great time to talk to them about the Avon opportunity.

As part of my display, I had some recruiting material including the Beauty Boss flyer with my business cards, and a flyer with optional starter kits.

In front of the “Help Wanted” sign, I made some trial packets that included 3 brochures, 3 samples, order forms, my business card and instructions for how to start your own Avon business.  It gives people the opportunity to share the brochures and collect orders. It works or it doesn’t and I want my new team members to be successful!

For all Avon representatives that are interested in doing community events, my hat is off to you! Get out there and enjoy your community while gaining new customers and team members. The one and ONLY drawback to this tent event was the torrential downpour that happened as we were packing the car! You can’t fight mother nature and we thought of it as an adventure. My husband (who called it a monsoon) was a good sport!

Feel free to contact me for further tips on community events.


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