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Skin Care Power Couples-Shop Avon Skin Care

Skin Care Power Couples

Skin care regimens work best when products are coupled together and compliment each other. This article focuses on Avon skin power couples that do just that.

Skin Care Power Couples

Skin Care Power Couple 1

Skin Care Power Couples

The Cleansing Brush and Anew Clean Cleansing Collection is the first skin care power couple. Paired together, this duo is a great way to start your day with fresh clean skin, before applying your makeup. The Cleansing Brush vibrates to stimulate the skin cells for a deep cleansing affect and promotes new skin cell growth. The Anew Clean collection is customized for every skin type and pairs well with the Cleansing Brush.

Skin Care Power Couple 2

Skin Care Power Couples

Now that your skin is clean and fresh, the second power couple is a target treatment and moisturizer. Avon Power Serum is a concentrated target treatment, lightweight enough to apply before moisturizing your skin. The benefits of a concentrated serum include hydration, smooth texture, radiance, firmness and diminished lines and wrinkles. Pair a target treatment with your favorite moisturizer. My favorite is Anew Ultimate Cream for daytime and Anew Ultimate Supreme for overnight.

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