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Skin Care-Understanding Aging Skin-Shop Anew Skin Care

Skin Care-Understanding Aging Skin

As most of us know, signs of aging happen. Whether you are in your 20’s or 60’s, we all have skin care concerns. There are many causes that contribute to signs of aging including smoking, stress, lack of sleep and sleep position, pollution, facial expressions, and diet.

Aging Skin and Smoking

smoking and aging skinSmoking deprives our skin of valuable oxygen it needs to stay healthy, which gives skin a grayish dull appearance.

Aging Skin and Sleep Position

Stress can interrupt sleep patterns and weaken the immune system, leading to chemical imbalances and skin and eyes seem dull. Even sleep position affects your skin. Side sleeping encourages fine lines and sagging skin around your jaw line and chin. Sleeping on your stomach encourages lines on the forehead. Best position, sleep on your back.

Aging Skin and Pollution

Pollution is all around us, some areas more than others. Pollution clogs pores, making your skin dry and dull. Over time pollution makes your skin sensitive and susceptible to skin irritation, inflammation and allergies.

Aging Skin and Facial Expressions

Facial expressions can also contribute to fine or deep lines in your facial skin, like frowning/smiling and squinting. Remember that we have facial muscles attached to the skin, and expressions can affect the strength and/or weakness of those muscles. So smile more, it’s the lesser of the two evils!

Aging Skin and Diet

Healthy diet and aging skinLast but not least, probably the most important part of keeping our skin healthy, daily diet. Lots for fresh fruits and vegetables provides precious antioxidants that defend against pollutants and allergens that cause inflammation. Water keeps your skin hydrated and resilient, and lean protein helps with muscle repair. Remember we have muscle attached to our skin that requires daily repair.

In a perfect world, no smoking, a great night’s sleep every night on your back, no stress, no pollution, no frowning and a healthy daily diet, we can all have beautiful skin! Well, maybe we need some help from the Anew Skin Line. See     for more information on Anew Skin Care lines, what they target and choosing the right one for you.


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