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Skin So Soft Bug Guard Frequently Asked Questions-Shop Avon Bug Guard

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Bug Guard

Bug Guard Sunscreen

Bug Guard Picaridin

Why Bug Guard?

Summer is here and so is the sunshine, warmer temperatures and the BUGS. You may have questions about how to protect yourself and your family from those pesky mosquitos and flying crawling creatures that annoy us when outdoors. There are many products out there and sometimes choosing the right one can be a tedious task. DEET or no DEET, pump or aerosol, lotion or spray? Don’t despair, Avon to the rescue!

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s try to answer some of questions about Bug Guard and why the specialty ingredients are so important.

Skin So Soft Bug Guard

Q: Are the Skin So Soft Bug Guard products effective repellents? 

A: Yes! Avon is proud to offer families trusted insect repellent protection. For maximum efficacy, we recommend that consumers use our products in accordance with the package instructions.

Q: Some sources I’ve read say a 20% concentration of Picaridin is better than 10%. Is that true?

A: While concentration of the active ingredient is important it’s not the only consideration. How an insect repellant is formulated with other ingredients can make a big difference. What’s important to understand is that all EPA-approved insect repellents are effective as long as you re-apply them in accordance with the manufacturers use instructions on the individual product labels.

Q: Does Skin So Soft Bath Oil work as a repellent?

A: While we know that many consumers have turned to Skin So Soft Bath Oil, the product is actually not intended to repel mosquitoes or sold for that purpose, and is not approved by the EPA as a repellent.

Q: Is Skin So Soft Plus IR3535 Expedition effective?

A: Yes, its effectiveness has been reviewed and approved by the EPA. Skin So Soft Plus IR3535 Expedition is a safe, effective product for consumers who want the convenience of a sunscreen and insect repellent in one.

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Testimonials

Skin So Soft Bug Guard

Now that we have more information on the Bug Guard products, let’s hear what some satisfied consumers are saying about SSS Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition.

Allie from Southern CA writes “I have 3 grown boys who travel a lot and camp, bike, hike, in all different places. I hope they will use it.”

Chris from Tucson AZ writes “I was looking for something like this to use when I walk my dog. I can’t stand mosquitos & the SPF is just an added plus. Doesn’t have a strong smell and feels nice.”
Beachside Resident states “been buying this for several straight years – we live a block off the beach in Florida and no-see-ums are vicious here – this product does the trick. Always have a supply on hand for us and for any visitors. effectively repels no-see-ums – highly recommend.”

Choose Bug Guard to protect your family this summer!

Skin So Soft Bug Guard

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