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Skin So Soft Sunday-Satin Glow-Shop Avon

Skin So Soft Sunday-Satin Glow

Get healthy looking skin without UV rays

UV rays are harmful to skin and overexposure increases the risk of skin cancer. The sun is the main source of harmful UV rays. Tanning beds and lamps also give off UV rays, and people that use them are at risk for overexposure and increase their chances of getting skin cancer.

Most of us love the healthy glow we get from sunning ourselves despite knowing that it really isn’t good for us. So what can we do to have the look without the harmful effects?

Get the Sun-Kissed Look

America’s number one Avon favorite, Skin So Soft, introduces a new line of products that can provide the healthy glow of the sun without the harmful effects of UV rays, while leaving skin moisturized and smooth. Satin Glow is a safe alternative to achieve the sun-kissed look! Why not give it a try this summer! Save your skin from harmful UV rays, with Satin Glow!

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Buying Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3!

Love to shop online? Well now you can buy your favorite Avon products online too. You no longer need to find an Avon representative and wait two weeks for your order to be delivered. I love my eStore for that reason. My customers can easily visit 24/7 and receive delivery in a few days. Why not buy Avon from the convenience of your home! And to make your shopping experience even easier, here are three ways to buy Avon online.

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