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Skin Through the Years-Aging Skin Care Tips

Understanding Aging Skin Through the Years

My last blog focused on aging skin and the makeup we should and shouldn’t use to enhance those changes. Today I would like to get down to the anatomy of aging skin so we can understand this inevitable process. Keep in mind that there are many other factors that contribute to changes in our skin such as smoking, diet, hydration and environmental factors. Some we can change and others we can’t.

Skin “Through The Years” Chart

Let’s take a look at our skin through the years. The following chart explains what is happening to the collagen and elastin in our skin. These are the structures of the skin that maintain both elasticity and firmness. Notice the top layer, the epidermis. As we age and the collagen and elastin break down, the skin becomes thinner and fine lines appear. As we age, these fine lines become wrinkles.

While this process happens through decades of our life, we can be pro-active in taking care of our skin by making small changes that affect aging skin.

Factors Affecting Aging Skin

Now that we understand how fine lines and wrinkles form, let’s take a look at other factors that have an effect on aging skin. The following diagram lists some of the environmental factors and areas of our skin they target. As you can see there are so many things that affect the largest organ in our body, the skin.


I hope you found this article helpful in understanding our aging skin. Of course there are many products out there that can slow up the process, but the first line of defense comes from within.

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