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Winter Skin Care Tips-Avon Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

We all know what winter weather can do to our skin. We get dry, itchy areas on hands and feet, cracks around our fingernails, and rough patches on knees and elbows. It’s the worst. The good news is that with some simple changes to your daily routine, the winter skin care battle can be won.

Hand Care

Your hands take a beating in the winter months because of the rapid temperature changes. You go from your warm cozy home to freezing cold outside. Always wear gloves to protect your hands. The skin on your hands is thinner, with fewer oil glands. Keep your hands moisturized and reapply your favorite hand cream after each washing.

Foot Care

Your feet need special attention too in the winter. A heavier cream works well on dry callused feet. Use an exfoliant to get the dead skin off your heels and the moisturizer will sink in faster and deeper. Wear socks to bed to hold in the moisture, and of course keep your feet warm.

Use a Humidifier

Central heating blasts hot dry air into the home, stealing moisture from the air. Use a humidifier to help disperse moisture evenly throughout your home.

Hot Baths/Showers

If a hot shower or bath is the first thing you think of doing after being out in the cold weather, please think again. Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, resulting in loss of moisture. If possible, use warm water instead of hot steamy water and cut the time you spend in the shower or bath. Rule of thumb: Less Heat Less Time.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only for summer months. Winter sun coupled with snow glare can damage your skin. Always use some form of sunscreen. Choose moisturizers and foundations that have sunscreen included.

Talk to an Expert

If you have concerns about winter skin conditions, talk to a skin care expert. They can analyze, trouble-shoot and advise you on ways to remedy your skin problems. Just because you seek an experts advise doesn’t mean you have to buy high-end products.

According the David Voron, MD, dermatologist from Arcadia, CA, “inexpensive products work just as well as high-end ones. In fact, the extra price you pay for the expensive stuff is often just the packaging and marketing. What’s most important is how your skin responds to the product and how your like its feel, not how much money you paid for it”. (source WedMD)

Helpful Hint: Oil creates a protective barrier. Many facial lotions labeled as “night cream” are oil based.

Contact me to learn what Avon has for dry winter skin.

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